Sunday, December 28, 2008


Before you ever took your first breath, outside of your mother's womb, Destiny was anxiously awaiting your arrival. Silently pacing back and forth in an out of the way area so as not to interfere with your birth, it listened for your cry, indicating the race had begun. The interesting part about all this remains that destiny is not merely a final place to be attained, but an all inclusive journey encompassing everyone and everything you experience in life.

Ah, life! That little four letter word, so easily dispatched to the realm of insignificance because it's too often over loaded with the details of every day existence. When simplicity reigns in my day to day function, then I am really living, and becoming involved in my destiny.

Because I believe in the one true living God, I don't believe the grave is my ultimate destiny. Rather, a small piece of real estate leased, somewhat expensively, for an experience, otherwise known as time. If those left behind deem it fitting, there may be a tomb stone placed at the head of my temporary investment which will merely state my name and the date of my birth followed by the date of my passing divided by a small dash in between. It's the dash in between that really tells the whole story of the relationship with my God and my destiny. He is where I'm going. Destiny is how I got there. Others will be left to tell my story. That's where character comes into play. You see, my reputation is what those left behind will tell of me to each other. My character, i.e. that which I became because of my experiences with destiny on my journey, is what the angels will present to God, on my behalf. Big difference.

Who knows, just by reading this, you may decide to become a part in my destiny - I invite you to come aboard and sail with me. It's easy to admire the beauty of the vessel while it's moored in the safety of the harbor, but then again, ships weren't built for the harbor, they were built for the seas of life. (There's that little four letter word again.)

Jeremiah 29:11

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Chandler. Party of 7. said...

Daddy, this one is my favorite yet. It's one that even people who aren't "cowfolk" can relate to, and apply to their own lives. And, it encouraged me to step out into some areas of my "life" that I've been reluctant to dive into.
Love you.