Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Night Before Christmas

Carlton E. Wertz, 111

Twas the night before Christmas
And out on the range
It was quiet and peaceful
Seemingly strange

The stock were all corralled
And bedded down well
And up at the house
Mom's cookies I smelled

Everything was right
For a change in a while
When I gazed up to heaven
And started to smile

You see, tomorrow's His birthday
And traditions we'll keep
Of family with friends
And good things to eat

But tonight it's just me
And the Lord all alone
Just out here a talking
About things He has done

For me and my family
Our friends and unknowns
Those He's so close to
And them all alone

We take all the credit
For the good things in life
Then stop to pray wonderin'
Why He'd let something slip by

Forgetting the blessings
Of everyday life
Like honest work for a living
My kids and my wife

But to stop and to thank Him
For everything due
Would take more time
Than I'm alloted it's true

So I strode off a good ways
Silver Belly in hand
Pointed to the Heavens
And gave my command

"Angels and beings
Within earshot of my voice
Tonight before I leave here
You're all to rejoice

For the Creator of Kings
And the Giver of Life
Has a birthday tomorrow
Now let's do it up right!

Gold, Myrrh and Frankincense are fine
But He's due some gifts
More up to the times

A symphony of praise
From coyotes in the brush
And the comin' of sun up
Will cause 'em to hush

Which will lead to the cooing
Of the brown mournin' dove
Causing all of creation
To once again look above

And the elements in
Their most festive attire
Will bring on the dawn
With a gold ball of fire
More beautiful presents
Money cannot aquire

So, until that tomorrow
I stand here at a loss
After all I just came out here to say
Happy Birthday - Boss!

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